Our saunas

Sauna "Carmen"

The sauna interior is elegant and pleasant. This is the perfect place for rest and relaxation. In the sauna you can destress after a hard day and active pastime. Or you can celebrate any occasion in a small company and get an energy boost for a long time. And going out of the hammam you will definitely feel high. Then you can pleasantly cool in the pool, enjoy swimming and forget about all worries and fatigue. We have created all the conditions for comfortable rest.

Saturation point – up to 12 people.

We work around-the-clock.

Service fee:
- minimum time - 2 h.
- up to 8 people - $36 p. h.


Extra pay for a person - $6 p. h.

Telephone number: +7 (4912)  20-62-78.


Sauna "Charodeyka"

Sauna "Charodeyka" is a great way to relax for those who prefer damp steam of hammam. And hot dry air of sauna is sure to tone your body. Her you can have a rest in a quiet and cozy atmosphere enjoying all the benefits of sauna. And swimming in the pool will make your body and thoughts "fresh". "Charodeyka" is a beautiful place for celebration or a good rest with friends where you can relax and get energy boost.

Saturation point – up to 8 people.

We work around-the-clock.

Service fee:
- minimum time - 2 h.
- up to 6 people - $30 p. h.
Extra pay for a person - $p. h.

Telephone number: +7 (4912)  20-62-78 .